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What is Art & Mo'?

Art & Mo’ is a unique acrylic paint which has high quality rich pigments with 6 different vibrant colors. Art & Mo’ acrylic paint is great for beginners and professional artists that love painting on blank canvas, wood, clay, fabric and ceramic. Multipurpose acrylic paint is a water based, non-toxic paint which dries quickly to produce a very durable paint finish. Art & Mo’ produces vivid, rich pigmented long lasting vibrant colors that brings your artwork to Life!

Art & Mo' Features

Strong adhesive power

Good dryness and stability

Does not fade

Excellent air permeability

Brilliant shade

Ten different colors




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    Address:  No.752/5,
    Dr.Danister De Silva Mw,
    Colombo 09, Sri Lanka

    Tel: +94112676688, +94 11 2691897
    Fax: +94 11 2690760
    Email: info@artandmo.com

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